How to Solve Lexmark Printer Issues?


Lexmark printers are known to be one of the best available in the market. The machines are found in several homes thanks to advanced technology which subsequently resulted in lower prices. People use printers to print out hard copies of their documents and files. Printers are often used in offices as peripheral devices. The printers are well built and developed, nevertheless, there will be some complications.

Several users have often complained about issues associated with their Lexmark Printer. Are you having problems with your printer too? Well, there is not to worry about as this article will talk about how to resolve the common Lexmark printer problems verified by the Lexmark printer support engineers. You should follow certain instructions to resolve and know your printer better.

Troubleshooting Methods to resolve Lexmark Printer Problems:

There are certain issues faced by the printer which can be resolved within a couple of minutes by expert help. All you need to do is follow a set of instructions carefully. In case, there is something you don’t understand something, then there is a need for technical expertise. Contact Lexmark Printer Tech Support. Some of the problems you could or will have with your printer are:

Problem with printing the documents: The problem is that your printer is not able to print pages which could be due to several factors like paper jam, print head, malfunctions, not enough ink in the cartridge or the software is corrupted. In order to fix the problem start with the paper tray. Check if it’s not jammed or overstuffed. Clear the blockage if there is any and make sure it is not to overstuff the paper tray. Restart your printer, make sure it is clean and if not, clean it. Update your drivers to fix the driver related issue.

Paper feeding problem: It can also be coined as a paper jam, so make sure to remove all the bits of paper stuck in your paper tray. You should also make sure not to overstuff the tray and the setting for the size and dimension of the paper used are in accordance with the machine.

Showing 280 paper jam or open cover message: The error message shown when something is stuck in the paper tray as well. The problem is caused due to not inserting the paper tray properly or if the paper gets stuck. To fix the issue, shut off the printer and then reset the tray. Make sure it is inserted in its place before you restart the printer.

Printer prints from the wrong paper source: The problem is when the printer is completing the printing job and turns to a different source. To fix such an issue, check the paper tray settings in the paper menu and the driver. Correct these settings and restart your printer device and see if the problem is resolved.

Copy printed on the wrong kind of paper: This is an error message that is received if you have inserted the erring kind of paper in your paper tray. The dimensions of the paper are important and so, make sure to use the right dimension of paper to avoid such kind of error messages.

These are certain issues faced by the Lexmark printer along with a possible solution or troubleshooting methods. Hopefully, these steps should help you fix your problems. In case you haven’t understood why your problem still persists, contact the Lexmark printer helpline number. The Lexmark printer tech support team include qualified printer engineers with several years of experience in fixing complicated printer problems in no time. These are certain ways of solving your Lexmark printer issues.

So, feel free to call the Lexmark customer care phone number whenever in need. They are available 24/7 and 365 days of the year. The contact number for Lexmark printer is 1-888-352-9606.

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