How to Fix HP Printer Problems?


A printer needs proper care and maintenance for optimal performance. Like most other machines, a difficult problem could arise like issues related to the inkjet or laser. When such complex issues arise, you will need help from experts by connecting them via the HP printer helpline number. There are a few basics that could help you fix your printer.

If your printer is not printing, then check the two P’s and a C: paper, power and connection. Make sure the printer has paper; it is plugged in and connected either by cable or wirelessly to your computer. If the printer is out of ink or toner, follow the specific model instructions on how to replace it. If you can’t seem to do it then it’ll be best to get in touch with customer care.

Visit the HP centre

HP has created free downloadable tools to help resolve common printer problems. The mechanics at the centre will quickly and automatically perform several troubleshooting tasks known to resolve all kinds of common problems.

Paper Jams
Paper jams are one of the most annoying problems and can occur occasionally. If your printer is jamming more often than normal, there are a few simple ways of minimizing or reducing the issue.

The following factors can cause paper jams:

  • Foreign objects like paper clips, coins or rubber bands, could have fallen into the input tray.
  • Paper not loaded properly in the paper tray
  • Damaged or dirty paper rollers
  • Torn, wrinkled or damp paper loaded in the paper tray
  • The access door may not close properly
  • Paper was added to a stack when the printer was already printing
  • The tray consists of more than one paper
  • The paper is stuck or jammed inside the printer where you can’t see it
  • An obstruction is blocking the paper path
  • Torn pieces of paper from an earlier jam are stuck in the printer
  • The tray is full

Check for these common errors and in order to help reduce the paper jams, follow these steps:

  • Turn the printer off and on again
  • Make sure that the printer rests on a flat surface
  • Clear the jam from the printer
  • Clean the paper rollers
  • Reset the printer
  • Service the printer

If in case you are still having a hard time trying to do it yourself, then immediately dial the hp printer technical support phone number and ask for help. It is always better to ask for expert help contrary to trying to do it yourself and causing further problems.

Print jobs stuck in the print queue
If your printer cannot print from computer, the reason behind it could be a print job is stuck in the print queue and the job cannot be cancelled or deleted, it could prevent further print jobs from printing.

The problem can occur due to a variety of reasons like power outages, but it could involve the print job spooling process in Windows. For such problems, it is always advised to get in touch with an expert by dialling the hp printer customer care number.

50.4 errors
This is a common error that occurs in laser printers. It often refers to the fuser, an important but component that can be replaced. Depending on the model, it can be an infrared oven, a heated pressure roller or a xenon flash lamp. If you are looking at a 50.4 error on your Hp printer, you may need to change the fuser. Fusers are consumable parts which will need to be replaced over the life of the printer several times.

The estimate life of a fuser lasts up to about 100,000 pages, but a fuser could stop functioning much earlier depending on the condition of the printing, heavy paper jams and the quality of the fuser installed.

A temporary fix, you can try turning the printer on and off. The reboot could reset the fuser so you can continue printing a few more pages. If in case the 50.4 fuser error comes back, you will have to replace the fuser.

When it comes to replacing the fuser, it is best left to the experts. If you still feel the need to replace the fuser yourself, then you can go online and read up on how to replace the device.
It may not be possible for you to deal with all the printing issues or errors all by yourself. You will need expert help and the only way to get help is by contacting technicians on the HP printer customer care number 1-888-352-9606.

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