How do I set up my Kodak Wireless Printer?


In order set up a printer to print wirelessly, you must have a wireless system, a wireless printer, and a PC with wireless capability. Wireless means there are no cable connections from your computer to your modem, which connects you to the Internet. In short, it’s beaming a signal from the wireless router in your home to your computer or printer. That additionally implies that you can move your PC anyplace in your home and associate with the Internet or send to documents to your printer wherever it is found. There are various companies, who are providing different kind of printers, but Kodak provides the best printers to the customers. Kodak Printer Support Phone number: 1-888-352-9606 here gives you the way to remove all your printer related queries.

You have to see some points when you want to setup your wireless printer-

You have to make sure that your printer has wireless capabilities

You cannot use the old version of the printer; you need to see the wireless capabilities of the printer. You will see the option Wi-Fi on the printer.

Purchase your wireless router

Keeping in mind the end goal of the wireless printer, you likewise should have a wireless network in your home. On the off chance that you don’t have a wireless network, you have to buy a wireless router from a nearby PC store or wherever the device offer. At that point, you have to associate your wireless router to your modem and set up a wireless connection on your PC.

You have to upgrade your computer, if necessary

In addition, your PC must have remote ability. Most workstations consequently have it, however a few work areas don’t. In any case, that is a simple and inexpensive upgrade for your desktop — a simple plug-in to a USB port.

You have to set up your printer

When you have the wireless network, you can now setup and install the printer driver software when necessary. At the point when the printer is turned on, it will naturally locate your wireless network. At that point, you have to enter the secret word for your system on the printer show and it ought to interface naturally. On the off chance that you have issues, your printer ought to have documentation to investigate most issues.

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